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What to Bring to Your First Visit

HNS establishes and maintains a household file for every client/client family that we serve. Your file will be created at your first visit with us.

Current Proof of Address

Accepted Proof of Address includes:

  • An official item that has been mailed to you within the last 30 days
  • A rent receipt or a utility bill

*Remember, it must be dated within the past 30 days. Junk mail is not considered valid proof.

Current Proof of Income

Includes any and all of the following that apply for all adults living in the household:

  • Pay stubs for the past 30 days
  • An award letter from SS or SSI/SSD

*If you are receiving financial assistance from other people or organizations to pay your expenses, an affidavit of income assistance will be required and verified.

Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates

Required for EACH PERSON in your household. Individuals may not be added to the family record without documentation.

A Photo ID

Required for all adults receiving services.

Evaluation & Update Appointments

An evaluation and update appointment will be conducted every six months to see how our services have helped you/your family, and to identify ways to increase self-reliance. During these visits, an HNS caseworker will ask to see all of the documents you provided on your first visit. This process will also verify that all members listed on the family record are still residing in the household, and if not, the household file will be updated.

Income Guidelines For The Basics
Number Of People In House Gross Monthly Income Gross Yearly Income
1 $3,844 $46,130
2 $4,393 $52,710
3 $4,941 $59,290
4 $5,489 $65,870
5 $5,933 $71,190
6 $6,370 $76,440
7 $6,808 $81,690
8 $7,251 $87,010
$408 For each additional Household member *Will update in June 2021